ABA Justice Hack Challenge


ABA Justice Hack is excited to launch the Justice Hack Challenge: a unique opportunity for UX designers and developers to build an application prototype of winning hackathon ideas from ABA Justice Hack 2018 to get a chance of being piloted with local law enforcement in the cities of Durham and Miami.

This civic tech challenge is generously powered by the American Bar Association Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice and the American Arbitration Association.

How it Works

Step 1: Register Here and review the ABA Justice Hack Challenge.

Step 2: Schedule an info session and briefing with Justice Hack.

Step 3: Join us for Demo Day in Miami or Durham (to be announced via email to all participants and community partners).

Key Dates

February  22, 2019:  It’s official the Justice Hack Challenge is open and searching for local developer partners that can handle testing or development of apps starting in the next 2 weeks. Design partners have already started working.

March 4th, 2019: The UX Designer partners have handed off deliverables and we are now ready to start development and testing of the app concepts. Registered developer partners can now begin working.

March 21, 2019, @ 6 PM:  User Testing: We are hosting a Civic User Testing session at Venture Cafe Miami for all the apps to see how residents respond and will use the data for Demo Day. Testing outside this day will also be taking place.

April 8, 2019: This is the final day for local developer groups to submit their code or prototypes for what will be the demo day in the final days.

April 25, 2019: Venture Cafe Miami - Justice Hack Demo Day.

May TBD, 2019: Durham - Justice Hack Demo Day.

** Unless otherwise indicated, all ABA Justice Hack Challenge sessions will take place at the Venture Cafe Miami #ThursdayGathering located at Converge Miami: 1951 NW 7th Ave., Suite 600, Miami, FL 33136

Who Should Participate

Teams (or individuals) comprised of software developers, analysts, software architects, and UX/ UI designers.

The Catch

There is none. The Justice Hack Challenge is a free and open-source effort. We are working on securing prizes for the winner. Outside of civic tech bragging, one of the 3 apps built will be piloted by local law enforcement to be deployed and used by staff and residents in Miami and Durham.

If you are interested in contributing as a contributor, partner or sponsor you can register.