ABA Justice Hack Challenge


ABA Justice Hack is excited to launch the Justice Hack Challenge: a unique opportunity for UX designers and developers to build an application prototype of winning hackathon ideas from ABA Justice Hack 2018 to get a chance of being piloted with local law enforcement in the cities of Durham and Miami.

This civic tech challenge is generously powered by the American Bar Association Coalition on Racial & Ethnic Justice and the American Arbitration Association.

How it Works

Step 1: Register Here and review the ABA Justice Hack Challenge.

Step 2: Schedule an info session and briefing with Justice Hack.

Step 3: Join us for Demo Day in Miami or Durham (to be announced via email to all participants and community partners).

Key Dates

Design | Feb - April 2019

We announced the design challenge and found volunteers willingly to help us brainstorm and design the applications.

Development | May - July 2019

We are identifying developer groups to continue development of this app prototypes while using community volunteers to test.

Deliver & Demo | August - September 2019

We gather together for a Demo Day and present this app to law enforcement who will select one to pilot out of the 3 presented.

** Unless otherwise indicated, all ABA Justice Hack Challenge sessions will take place at the Venture Cafe Miami #ThursdayGathering located at Converge Miami: 1951 NW 7th Ave., Suite 600, Miami, FL 33136

Who Should Participate

Teams (or individuals) comprised of software developers, analysts, software architects, and UX/ UI designers.

The Catch

There is none. The Justice Hack Challenge is a free and open-source effort. We are working on securing prizes for the winner. Outside of civic tech bragging, one of the 3 apps built will be piloted by local law enforcement to be deployed and used by staff and residents in Miami and Durham.

If you are interested in contributing as a contributor, partner or sponsor you can register.